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Josh James

Lane Report Executive Editor Mark Green talks with Alan Lytle about the $1.33 B retrofit at Toyota's Georgetown plant, Amazon's $1.5 B investment in Northern Kentucky, and a potential billion dollar announcement coming soon in Eastern Kentucky.

Hemp Pilot Project Heading Into Fourth Planting Season

Apr 10, 2017
Smiley Pete Publishing

This week on the Business Side Alan Lytle talks with Business Lexington Managing Editor David Nichols about Kentucky's industrial hemp pilot project, which is about to go into its fourth planting season, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Will Town Branch Commons Be The Predicted "Game Changer?"

Apr 3, 2017

This week on The Business Side Alan Lytle and Business Lexington Managing Editor David Nichols discuss the upcoming Town Branch Commons Project and Lexington's new Community Spirit Flag featuring a now familiar Blue Horse.

AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

This Saturday, Lexington constituents plan to hold a town hall meeting to air concerns about the direction of the state and the nation – even if invited lawmakers don’t show.

Lexington Non Profits Committed To Green Growth

Mar 13, 2017
UK College of Agriculture

This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle talks with Business Lexington managing editor David Nichols about Food Chain and Seedleaf; two local non-profit groups committed to sustainability from the ground up.

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The United States Constitution spells out two processes for amendments, but so far in the document’s 230-year history only one has actually been used. Now, there’s a steady drumbeat in state legislatures – including Kentucky’s – to invoke the second.

Lexington Fayette Urban County Govt.

This week on the Business Side we talk with Mattie Morton, administrator for Lexington's Summer Youth Job Training Program. It’s a public-private partnership that provides real-world job experience to students between the ages of 14 and 17 by pairing them up to work for local employers.

UK Now

A retired U.S Ambassador says if President Trump goes through with rumored 37% budget cuts to the State Department and the U.S. Agency For International Development, that would be a mistake.

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Kentucky is home to the oldest statewide downtown economic revitalization program in the nation.  In 2016 its 39 participating communities contributed $110M to the state economy; a sharp increase over 2015's $76M. Program Administrator Kitty Dougoud is the guest on this week's The Business Side.

Country Boy Georgetown, Corto y Lima, And More On The Business Side

Feb 20, 2017
Bill Straus

We talk with Business Lexington Managing Editor David Nichols about Country Boy Brewing's new operation in Georgetown, Chef Jonathan Lundy's new Corta  y Lima on Short Street, and lament the closing of the once popular Table 310 which closed for good on Valentine's Day.