Real ID Act

Josh James / WUKY

Lawmakers are working against the clock to find consensus on a number of bills from charter schools to Real ID Wednesday, their final chance to pass legislation before the governor weighs vetoes.

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Another measure designed to bring Kentucky into compliance with the post-9/11 federal REAL ID Act won the stamp of approval in committee Tuesday, but some House Republicans want assurances from the governor that he won't veto the measure.

Fort Knox To Stop Accepting Kentucky Licenses For Entry

Jan 13, 2017
AP Photo/Dylan Lovan

Kentucky residents soon may need a passport to enter Fort Knox.

Associated Press,

Gov. Matt Bevin has put a red line through parts of the state biennial budget and vetoed all or a portion of six additional bills, including a piece of legislation that appeared primed for a signature.

Kentucky Gets Drivers' License Extension

Aug 1, 2014

Kentuckians don't have to worry about their driver's licenses for another year.