Local Music Mondays

Jamie Lazich

This week DeBraun Thomas profiles musician Trevor Tremaine.

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This week DeBraun profiles singer-songwriter James Friley of Idiot Glee.

Local Music Monday: Michelle Hollis

Mar 9, 2015
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This week DeBraun profiles singer Michelle Hollis.

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This week DeBraun Thomas profiles musician Cory Kennedy.

Local Music Monday 012615

Jan 27, 2015

Local Music Mondays 112414

Nov 25, 2014

Changes Coming To WUKY's Local Music Mondays

Nov 11, 2014

You may or may not have noticed that there was not a new Local Music Monday feature on WUKY Monday morning. I have some exciting news to share with you, starting Monday November 17th, NPR's Morning Edition clock is changing formats so you will be getting local and national news at slightly different times. What this means is that the Local Music Monday feature will no longer air within the 6 am newscast but instead will be its own self contained feature airing at 5:45 am and again at 7:45 am in addition to a possible reairing in the afternoon (that is yet to be determined).

Local Music Mondays 102714

Oct 28, 2014

Local Music Mondays 092214

Sep 26, 2014

Local Music Mondays- The Show!

Here's the podcast of the first episode featuring Tee Dee Young and Egon Danielson.

This week, DeBraun Thomas talks with an artist who’s nostalgic for a long-retired audio format – but it’s not the one you’re probably imagining.