Carter County Well Project

KGS Well Could Aid Pharmaceutical Research

Jun 22, 2013
Mike Lynch

LEXINGTON, Ky. - In a recent installment of What Lies Beneath, we told you about a well being drilled in Carter County by the Kentucky Geological Survey to test the capacity of deep geologic formations to hold carbon dioxide.  Now as KGS's Mike Lynch reports, the well may also help with pharmaceutical research being conducted at the University of Kentucky.

What Lies Beneath: Digging Deep In Carter County

May 4, 2013
Mike Lynch

CARTER CO., Ky -  In 2007, the Kentucky legislature allocated $5 million for research into deep underground storage of carbon dioxide, produced by the burning of fossils fuels in power plants and other large industrial plants. The money went to the Kentucky Geological Survey at UK for the research, and Mike Lynch reports that the last of the carbon-storage projects has begun.