Andy Barr

Josh James / WUKY

Sixth District Congressman Andy Barr says he’s an opponent of bailouts for any industry. The comments come as President Donald Trump mulls whether to eliminate healthcare subsidies which he described in a tweet as “bailouts.”

Josh James / WUKY

Around 100 protesters clustered around the entrances of the University of Kentucky’s Hilary J. Boone Center Tuesday night, hoping to catch the ear of Sixth District Congressman Andy Barr.

Josh James / WUKY

6th District Congressman Andy Barr laid out a positive vision of the Republican agenda in Lexington Wednesday, waxing optimistic about a revival of the GOP's healthcare reform efforts. But the lawmaker’s visit drew a less warm reception outside.

AP Photo/Mel Evans

Congressman Andy Barr convened his drug task force in Lexington Wednesday. The 6th district representative discussed how the recently passed national Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act will affect the panel’s recommendations to the federal government.

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr is responding to a Herald-Leader report highlighting his office's spending on communications.