WUKY's Phoenix Friday Memorable For Some, In More Ways Than One

Aug 25, 2014

Downtown Lexington experienced a once in a lifetime event at our very own Phoenix Friday concert series.

Ben Sollee unplugs and performs at WUKY's Phoenix Friday in Phoenix Park
Credit Tom Godell

It's been said that magic is something that is done whereas miracles are things that just happen.  On Friday, we got a little of both when local musician and social visionary, Ben Sollee played to a soaking wet crowd in downtown’s Phoenix Park. 

After a vicious storm threatened to cancel the evening’s music, Sollee picked up his cello, grabbed his drummer who beat the rhythm on an old cardboard box and they played together in the drizzle surrounded by fans donning umbrellas. 

A crowd gathered around Ben Sollee and his percussionist as they unplugged and performed in soggy Phoenix Park
Credit Tom Godell

The experience was intimate and special, Jay Moorehead said, though they came to see one thing, what they got will last in his memory forever.  He was also moved by the young lady who held an umbrella over Sollee as he played.  That young lady is 10 year old Isabelle Logston and she is an old soul for sure.  Logston admires Sollee for his musical talent, but also as a kindred spirit.  She is a violinist herself.

Even officials were flabbergasted by the experience.  Laura Farnsworth of the Downtown Lexington Corporation expressed gratitude for the “once in a lifetime event,” saying that it was an honor to be a part of it all.

The only ones not amused by the happenings were the security guards at Park Plaza.  As patrons scrambled to seek shelter from the torrential downpour, some claimed the Park Plaza Employees were less than hospitable, kicking them out while they were seeking shelter. 

Anderson Communities has issued a statement saying that if anyone can prove they were kicked out, they will donate $100 per person to the charity of choice.

CONTACT INFO FOR PARK PLAZA COMPLAINTS:  Chris Wray at chris@andersoncommunities.com or 859-271-4663. This offer will expire at midnight, August 31, 2014.