Winter Blast Wasn't Complete Knockout for Utility Crews

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Officials with Kentucky Utilities and Louisville Gas & Electric are breathing a sigh of relief Thursday, as the latest winter storm appears to have done relatively little damage to power lines and transformers.

Spokesman Cliff Feltham says the number of electrical power outages stemming from the snow and ice storm Wednesday night was much smaller than anticipated.

"At the height of the numbers that I've seen this morning, was about 1,500 [outages] across the state. That's in 77 counties across the state, which is not bad considering we have more than a half-million customers. The ice has not done the damage that we thought it could and would do, but that's not a bad thing. We are happy to have just let this storm do whatever it's going to do and move on."

Feltham says unlike transportation crews that can salt roadways before a storm, utility workers must wait and see what happens. Anyone who sees a downed power line or is experiencing an outage should notify their local utility.