UK Observes Earth Day On Campus

Lexington, KY – Several campus and community organizations have set up booths to interact with students, faculty, and staff. Tie- dying t-shirts and making "seed bombs" are just a few of the options available, not to mention some free grub. Angela Burger, from the Good Foods Market and Caf , says eating organic food has a big impact on the earth.

"Eating organics, you, there's a less harsh of an impact on the environment and then if you can eat local, if your food travels a shorter distance than there's less fossil fuels and that's something we've come so far away from where are food is grown that it's hard sometimes for us to imagine how are food does impact our local environment and our world environment".

Also doing demonstrations today is Matt Kramer from the Green Thumb Environmental Club.

"At one of our booths we have energy conservation booth. We have a mechanism that measures the volts a certain electrical product will use. We have a regular light bulb and then a compact fluorescent and a regular light bulb uses somewhere between 80 and 120 watts of energy whereas a compact fluorescent only uses like 12 to 18 So we have all kinds of interactive things like that for students to physically participate in and actually see a difference".

The Expo is sponsored by Earthdays in the Bluegrass.