UIK Holds Sustainability in Marketing Conference

Lexington, KY – The University of Kentucky will bring together various groups and speakers to discuss the relationship of sustainability and marketing at a conference this Friday.

Robert Dahlstrom, founding director of UK's Von Allmen Center for Green Marketing,says the idea is to bring together various stakeholders, compare notes, and plan strategies.

"People and industry have an understanding that the people who work here in the Center for Green Marketing are focused on doing research that can contribute again to the notion of people, planet, and profit. At the same time we want to make certain that the people that are doing research know what's going on in the business community. So we really need to have this dialogue and we've tried to nurture that over the last three years."

The keynote speaker is Matthew Sleet, a former emergency room physician who's written several best-selling books about reducing one's carbon footprint. A team of University of Kentucky researchers will also present findings of a study looking at the relationship between people's political ideology and their inclination to be more sustainable. The conference takes place Friday from 9am to 4pm in the Central Theater of the UK Student Center.