Trooper Island Lets Kids Have Fun, Builds Self Esteem

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- – Dozens of underprivileged children from across Kentucky get to take a break from their everyday lives this summer with a trip to Trooper Island.

Sponsored by Kentucky State Police and funded entirely through donations, the camp on Dale Hollow Lake has been in operation since 1965.

"I call it the crown jewel of the state police because what we try to do is find those kids that normally don't have a chance to go to camp -- maybe they've had some hardship, or maybe they come from a single-parent home, or whatever the case may be -- we take them down there, and we hope that week will be a week that they can forget about all the turmoil and just have fun and be kids," says Trooper Ron Turley.

Turley helped take 64 boys and girls from the central Kentucky area down to Trooper Island Monday morning. They'll spend the next five days fishing, swimming, and taking classes about respect and self esteem.