Statewide Homeless Numbers To Be Released

Frankfort, KY – In order to receive federal funding to assist the homeless, Kentucky needs to know how many homeless individuals there are in the state. On January 29th, a 24-hour survey was supposed to take place in all 120 counties, but the ice storm hit. So the survey was moved to mid-February. But the change in plans affected the count, says Davey King of the Kentucky Housing Corporation. "A lot of folks don't realize that doing a point-in-time count across the state is a huge undertaking. And when we had to reschedule that, it really did impact the availability of volunteers, the amount of outreach that we were able to do."

Governor Beshear will announce the results of the survey this morning at a news conference in Frankfort. The governor is also expected to announce the availability of federal stimulus dollars to assist the state with rapid re-housing programs for the homeless.