Jul 15, 2014

TIS FORECASTLE WEEK! Are ye pumped? Are ye ready? Rock, Blues, Country, Americana, Hip Hop, DJs, and assorted amalgamations thereof are about to invade the Commonwealth. Being a Kickass Kentuckian, I know you are prepared to welcome our guests. As the Great Kentuckian Hunter S. Thompson observed, which is relevant here chirrens, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

Well, as an old pro, I am ready for the weekend!

OK. Last post we went over my schedule for Day 1. Let's focus on Day 2 here, and I'll post Day 3 tomorrow.

Day Two will be spent, mostly, at the Mast Stage where the day's soundings begin with the amazing NOLA brass band that stretches that form beyond description - The Soul Rebels. These cats have collaborated with such divergent groups as Green Day, Galactic, Metallica (not a misprint!). This will be aces.

Up next… Spanish Gold on the the Mast stage. SG is Dante Schwebel's new vehicle - a soulful power trio that includes hirsute MMJ and Loueyville drummer Patrick Hallahan. Should be fun. 

Scott & Ms. Jones

  That's right, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings will be dap dippin on the banks of the Ohio on the Mast stage. If you've not seen her Highness live then you are in for a transformative, life altering, rim rockin time. I've seen her twice and, as an old Dead Head with 100+ shows! I'd go on tour with her tomorrow! Saw her at Buster's in Lexington a few years ago and most of MMJ, along with a dancin fool Yim Yames, was hangin right in front of me. Sufficient bona fides I'd say. Here we are post-Busters show. She loves me I know. 

The rest of the night will be Nashville focused with my fellow Pikevillian Dwight Yoakum (alright, he is more of a Bakersfield sound than Nashville guy, but he is trad country in the best, artistic sense), songsmith Jason Isbell on Boom stage, and wrapping up the night with the megawatt star power and Jack "The Upholsterer" White (yes, we are cousins). Reports of his live shows have been solid behind the new solo album "Lazaretto". 

  But, it is - drum roll - WAIT FOR IT - the return to their hometown and live performance: Sllllllllllllint! A tremendous band - Slint put Louisville back on the musical map for four short years: 1986-1990. They are back… first Louisville show since 1990. I’m ready. THIS is the moment for us Kentuckians. This will be Kick Ass. Maybe with a dip in an old quarry lake. 

Now, that is a strong day of music. Promise to post lotsa pics and hopefully a few interviews. 

 Till tomorrow! Scott "The Cyclone" White, Touring Weird Pro