Not As Much Pain At The Pump For Lexington Motorists

Lexington, KY – A company that tracks gasoline prices nationwide says Central Kentucky motorists are paying more than a dime less per gallon than the national average right now. co-founder Jason Toews says he expects that trend to continue in the short run.

"Gas prices in Lexington have actually gone down in the past month according to our website We're reporting the current average price at two-sixty one per gallon."

Currently, that's slightly more than a dime less than the national average of $2.72 per gallon.

Toews says websites like his help consumers influence the market.

"One of the cheapest prices we're seeing right now is at two-fifty three per gallon and the highest price is two-sixty nine; so it does pay to shop around and if you shop at the cheaper priced stations that actually forces the higher priced stations to lower their prices."

On the supply side, Toews says despite the massive gulf oil spill, recent crude oil prices have only fluctuated slightly; but there's one thing that could change the situation.

"My concern is the long term ramifications of this; if there's a lot of political opposition to offshore oil drilling, it could have significant impact on how much oil is produced from offshore drilling."