McConnell, Bunning On Opposite Sides Of Bailout Vote

Washington, DC – Republican leader Mitch McConnell secured the bill's passage early in the day. He brokered deals, and though he's happy the bill bipartisan support...

This doesn't entirely solve the problem but it begins to move us in the direction of getting the American economy back to where it needs to be very soon.

Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning doesn't give the measure that much credit. He voted against the bailout package

Because I don't think it will change a thing. I don't think it will fix the cred! it markets, and it costs the American taxpayer over 700 billion dollars.

The House rejected a bailout package earlier this week. The senate version comes bundled with 100 billion dollars in tax credits for popular items like renewable energy and an alternative minimum tax patch.

The bill will head to the house in the next couple of days.