Local Music Monday: Echo Wilcox

Mar 3, 2014

Sometimes it is not the musician that finds music, but music that finds the musician. Meet the lead singer of an all girl group in Lexington.

Echo Wilcox fronts the all-female band Ancient Warfare
Credit photo provided

Echo Wilcox was destined to become a musician as her mother has had a long career in the music industry and her father is a musician as well. Wilcox, who plays guitar along with being a talented vocalist, says her earliest memories were her as a toddler sitting around her father and his guitar.

“He was the one who initially started me out with guitar and since the age of 3 that was my first memory of playing sitting in the kitchen on the floor, he’d play the chords and I’d strum the guitar, it kinda just stuck.”

Wilcox started the group Ancient Warfare in 2009 in Savannah, Georgia when she was in school. In 2011 Wilcox moved to Lexington and brought the group with her as well. Ancient Warfare has undergone a few different lineup changes, but its current lineup is Emily Hagihara on drums and keyboards, Rachel Yanarella on Violin and the newly acquired Reva Williams on bass along with Wilcox on guitar and vocals. Ancient Warfare’s new album The Palehorse is a project three years in the making Wilcox says paints a picture of not only her life, but the life of the band as well.

“I wouldn’t have asked for it any other way as far as time wise goes, I think it was actually better that it took so long to make for one, the songs have evolved and changed and I kinda like that, I can’t commit very well to a song, even the songs we play, we’ve played them for years and we constantly are changing them and it’s nice, especially with all four of us, the rest of the girls really bring so many other angles to it and I love that.”

Echo Wilcox will be playing with Ancient Warfare Thursday March 6th at the Green Lantern. Ancient Warfare’s new album The Palehorse is expected to be released in the fall of 2014.