Local Music Monday: David 'Chill' Napier

Jul 20, 2014

This week on Local Music Monday, WUKY’s DeBraun Thomas features one of the most soulful voices in Lexington.

David 'Chill' Napier
Credit photo provided

David Napier is a native of Harrodsburg who moved to Lexington in 2010 and since has been a staple in the local music scene. Napier, who is known by many as Big Chill, got his start singing and playing drums in the church. Napier spent time playing with bands in Bowling Green before moving to Lexington and says the music community that Lexington has was a refreshing change for him to see.

“The coolest part about finding out about music when you’re really just starting to play live is seeing not how fans relate to an artist, but how everybody just becomes like this family, this collected group of beings who work really well in the music community together and that’s probably the coolest part about Lexington that I’ve seen, there is no separation there, it’s all love and everybody just loves music.”

Napier currently plays with 3 different groups all while juggling a regular work schedule. He splits his time with Driftwood Gypsy, the Baja Yetis and more recently Oh My Me. Napier says his schedule only helps fuel his passion for music and says he’s living his life the best way he can.

“Got no main mantra for that, it’s just more livin, I mean you live the music you play, when you live the music you play, you love the music you play, and you live the life, love the life you live.”

David “Chill” Napier and Oh My Me will be playing at Al’s Bar on August 15th. More information Napier and his projects can be found on facebook.