LexPark Study Shows Plenty Of Parking In Chevy Chase

Lexington, KY – The study is in response to complaints by local business owners that want more convenient parking for their customers.

LexPark Executive Director Gary Means says the perception that there is a limited amount of parking in Chevy Chase is actually a myth.

"As we've taken a look at both the off-street parking and the on-street parking we can break it down: the metered on-street parking, there's about 65 metered spaces in the Chevy Chase area and there's over 600 parking spaces in parking lots and garages. There's one garage in that area and most of that is open to the public or it'll say, "designated for the shoppers of some business."

Means says the authority is also studying how often the parking meters are being used and whether the old single space coin meters should be replaced with new ones that will also accept dollar bills, and credit / debit cards.

"We feel like most people don't want to carry four, five, six, up to eight quarters if you're going to park for two hours and would prefer to use a dollar bill or a credit card, but it may not be the case in Chevy Chase."

Means says that study will run through the month of April and results will determine the future of parking meter placement in the Chevy Chase area.