Lexington Art League Names New Executive Director

Lexington, KY – Lexington's oldest and largest visual arts organization has a new executive director at the helm, and she's a familiar face. On Wednesday the Lexington Art League promoted current development director Stephanie Pevec, to the post.

"Having the benefit of being here as the development director for close to two years, I feel I have a very realistic view of our organization, and I already have a good understanding of the ins and outs of the day to day workings. I think that we have come so far as an organization, and I'm very proud to be serving as the executive director for such a fine organization."

Pevec says there are a number of things already on her "to-do" list.

"To just really take care of the advancements that we've made, to evaluate some of the things we've been doing to be sure we're being as effective as we can be, and producing the best exhibitions and programs that we can. And, then when growth opportunities come, to really evaluate them as they present themselves, and to move forward with the same forward-looking approach that we take with everything."

Pevec replaces Allison Kaiser, who left the art league in June to become executive director of the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra.