Ky. Senate Votes For Shorter Sessions

Mar 19, 2014

A measure trimming the length of legislative sessions in Kentucky passed the state Senate Wednesday with bipartisan support.

Credit Josh James / WUKY

With only three “no” votes, the bill now advances to the House, where Speaker Greg Stumbo says supporters will need to explain the rationale behind the proposal. Under the plan, lawmakers would meet up to 60 days every two years instead of 90.

Senate president Robert Stivers told the body that the bill would save up to $7 million annually, give lawmakers more time to travel and work in their districts, and retain more office holders.

"There are people in this chamber as we stand here and sit here today that have thought about leaving or are leaving because we are no longer a citizen legislature," he told the chamber.

Another option proposed by Stumbo would keep the same number of session days but spread them out to give lawmakers more scheduling flexibility.

If passed, the change would require a constitutional amendment.