Jockey Ad Deals Could Be Public Record

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Horse racing fans could soon be able to learn how much money was exchanged to place advertising on their favorite jockey's riding pants.

A committee of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission approved regulation changes Thursday that would require the disclosure of all financial terms in jockey advertising deals to the commission, subsequently making them public record.

Commission member Ned Bonnie, who chairs the rules committee, says he supports transparency in horse racing advertising.

"We've limited the size, we've limited the type. In doing that, I think we've taken a substantial position which will prevent them from slapping patches on every piece of advertising space on a jock's britches."

The proposed changes are meant to prevent any race-day disputes about jockey advertising by requiring the deal be finalized not later than two days before the race.

The full commission will vote on the matter at its meeting on Tuesday.