Finally! It's Spring... and it's the tadoo lounge! featuring Small Batch with Summer Smoke

Mar 12, 2014

WUKY presents Warren Byrom and Small Batch with Fork in the Road Mobile Galley Kitchen at 434 Old Vine in Smiley Pete’s offices.

tadoo lounge! on FACEBOOK... Tell 'em yer goin'...

You know what to do. Just come. Bring friends. Eat from a delcious food truck like Fork in the Road Mobile Galley. Play pool. And fire the babysitter cause this is all-ages.

Small Batch features Tree Jackson, Reva Williams, Warren Byrom, Scott Wilmoth, Robby Cosenza. Some wail. Some squall. Some hillbilly angst and heart feel.

Summer Smoke is Joseph Garland Drury, J. Tom Hnatow , Severin Edmonson and Daniel Mohler.

Fork in the Road is Mark Jensen and Rachel Elisabeth Chancellor.

You are you, you think.