Explore Shaker Village With WUKY

May 23, 2014

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg Kentucky

In our continuing Kentucky Adventure Series, our one tank road trip takes us to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.

“A Gift To Be Simple” sung by a resident actor echoes in the background of Shaker Village in Harrodsburg Kentucky. The song aptly sums up the lifestyle of the community. There are acres upon acres of Kentucky bluegrass and trails to explore, a working farm, meals created from products grown and raised on the property and of course, the chance to experience life lived how it was; in a time long past.

The sounds of hand-woven brooms sweep across the worn floors as Craftsman, Tim Prosser shows a group of school children how the brooms are made. The Shakers make more than 50,000 of them each year. Chairs are another fundamental craft they are known for, and in the word-working room, Tom Beasley is happy to demonstrate how it’s done.

Spokesperson Jennifer Broadwater says that if a relaxing day trip or weekend getaway is your goal, Shaker Village is a must.

“Summer time is a great time to come out and experience Shaker Village’s 3000 acres. We have lots of new things going on this year. From new events, we have a new trail- run series that’s going to be going on, we have a 5 mile that we’re going to be hosting in June. We have a ten mile race in September and a half marathon that’s going to be going on in November.”

With something for everyone, it’s easy to imagine loosing yourself in the atmosphere.

“It’s a combination of the nature, a combination of the history and it’s a combination of the story that we have here. The shakers were a very progressive, fascinating group of people and we have an opportunity to share their story like no other place in the nation.”

The newest event to come to the Village is called WELL-CRAFTED, a craft beer festival with live, local musicians from around the area. This is the first year for the event and will take place in the second week of august.  

The day ended with a boat ride down the Kentucky river, as other guest were drifting in the opposite direction, heading back to the village to spend the night. The buildings that have stood on the property since the 1800s have been refurbished and several can accommodate overnight guests. Broadwater says the best part is that guests can walk the grounds any time, day or night, and enjoy the peace and quiet so often forgotten to us, but a way of life for the Shakers today, just as it was one hundred years ago.

The beautiful scenery, great food, educational experience and endless opportunities to return to the simpler things in life are why we chose Shaker Village as our latest ‘must do’ Kentucky Adventure.