Council Discusses Widening Project of Leestown Road

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Everything appears to be lined up for a significant road project in Lexington. Over the next three years, a stretch of Leestown Road from Greendale past Masterson Station Park will be widened from two lanes to four. Urban County Council member Tom Blues says the project was first formally proposed in 1985.

"Well Leestown Road now is almost a moving parking lot at rush hours and it's a dangerous stretch of road," said Blues.

Masterson Station Park can see high volumes of traffic, particularly during soccer season. But, during construction, Blues admits traffic into the park will be congested.

"The reduction in park space will be minimal so it will have no impact what so ever on activities with the park, of course, they'll be traffic disruptions during the construction period," said Blues.

Masterson Station is a heavily used city park, particularly during soccer season. Utility poles and pipelines would be moved next year. It may take three years to fully complete the road project.