Committee Flip-Flops On Education Proposal

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- – School-based councils in Kentucky will still have the final say in the hiring of local principals. The state House Education Committee rejected a bill Tuesday giving superintendents more say in the hiring process.

Last month, the committee approved the measure, but nine days later it was sent back for more hearings. Sharon Oxendine of the Kentucky Education Association says the bill had some problems. "We were willing to work on changing it, so the superintendents did have more input," she said. "But there were some details that, you know, we would make a proposal and the superintendents, or somebody, wouldn't like that. And then, the makers of the original bill would come back with another proposal and there would be something in that we didn't like."

The committee defeat means the bill, which would have changed a key provision of the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990, is likely dead for the session.

In other action, the committee approved a Senate bill requiring suicide prevention training for principals, guidance counselors and teachers.