Car Rental Service Launches at UK

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Transportation and sustainability officials at the University of Kentucky hope to make campus less car-dependent by bringing in a small fleet of vehicles. The Connect By Hertz car sharing program offers students, faculty and staff a short-term car rental option.

Rates start at $8 an hour, which covers gas, insurance, and 180 miles in travel. An annual membership is required.

For commuters who take a bicycle or bus to get to UK, the car rental could be convenient option for occasional errands or emergencies that require a vehicle. International students and other people who don't have a car could also benefit.

Connect By Hertz has been successful at other college campuses, but it's not clear what kind of impact the program will have at Kentucky. Junior John Conaway says most students enjoy the freedom that having their own car offers. Even with the car rental option, he doubts many students would be willing to fully commit to alternative transportation.

Click here to learn more about Connect By Hertz from UK's Parking and Transportation Services.