BreyerFest 2010 Takes Over Horse Park This Weekend

Lexington, KY – Horsepark spokesperson Cindy Rullman says there's really no secret why BreyerFest remains a popular event.

"The appeal of horses just cuts across all socio-economic barriers, cultural barriers, you know, you name it, but, especially for little girls; and little girls who want a horse and maybe can't have one. So their parents give them a Breyer model horse as a child and it becomes a passion, and they end up collecting them for the rest of their lives. So, it's a pretty big deal, BreyerFest is always one of the biggest events we have each year here at the horse park."

Rullman says this year's BreyerFest features an appearance by Priscilla Presley.

"She is going to be opening up an exhibit that we have at our International Museum of the Horse. It's called the Elvis Presley Graceland Stable exhibit. We actually have some items that belonged to Elvis; saddles, bridles, some of his riding clothes, some film clips of Elvis riding at Graceland. So Priscilla is going to be opening that exhibit and then also introducing the Breyer Elvis Presley collection of Breyer model horses."

BreyerFest 2010 runs through Sunday at the Kentucky Horse Park.