Affordable Housing Project Underway

Apr 28, 2014

A once abandoned housing project near Pimlico Parkway is getting a facelift and will soon provide affordable housing for more than 200 families.

Barry Holmes, with the Lexington Housing Authority said former and future residents were key to designing the multi-million dollar Centre Meadows project.  “They shared it all with us.  They told us their likes.  They liked the size of the units; they were very generous from a square footage standpoint.  The units didn’t have washer dryer hook-ups. We had a communal laundry room facility down here and when you hear a few residents tell you what it’s like to maintain a household with two small children while you’re running back and forth to a laundry mat.  They spoke.  We listened.”

Each apartment will have its own laundry facility, varying interior design features and exterior finishes that are unique to each building.  Renovations are expected to be completed within 18 to 24 months and the finished complex will become home to 206 families.