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Dr. Greg Davis is a forensic pathologist with UK HealthCare. Every week, Davis speaks with local health providers, professionals, and researchers on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine.

This week Dr. Greg talks with Alison Kerr Courtney, a practicing bibliotherapist.  Learn more about this ancient coping mechanism that appears to be making a comeback.

This week Dr. Greg Davis talks with UK Dental Students Ellen Vice and Morgan Murrell about a special "Give Kids A Smile" event this Saturday at UK Dentistry at Turfland.  Free oral health screenings will be available for kids and young adults from 8 a.m. to noon.  The aim is to teach and reinforce good oral health habits at an early age.  Ellen and Morgan say the open house is especially for members of Lexington's underserved population.

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This week Dr. Greg Davis talks with Dr. Colin West, professor of medicine bio-statistics and medical education at the Mayo Clinic about the increasing problem of physician burnout and what steps can be taken to prevent it.

A new study suggests it might be OK to feed your child proteins contained in peanuts at an early age in an effort to prevent nut allergies from taking hold.  Dr. Greg Davis speaks about the ground breaking research with local pediatric allergist and immunologist Tracy Overbeck.

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This week Dr. Greg talks with Dr. Khaled Ziada, an interventional cardiologist at the University of Kentucky's Gill Heart Institute, about a new clinical trial to treat patients with chronic hypertension.  The SPYRAL trial is exploring a novel approach to treat hypertension by manipulating the sympathetic nervous system signals that contribute to high blood pressure.

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Dr. Greg talks with Dr. John Ragsdale, an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, who along with his colleagues published a study in the journal Academic Medicine demonstrating the effectiveness of short workshops designed to train doctors to detect nonverbal signs of patient emotion.

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This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with UK Eldercare Specialist Terri Weber about the Senior Care Resource Fair this Friday at the Boone Center.

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This week Dr. Greg talks with UK Police Chief Joe Monroe about the growing number of crashes involving bicycles, pedestrians, and scooters on campus and what the department is doing about it.

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The recent ten year observance of the Comair crash provided an opportunity for Dr. Greg Davis to reconnect with former NTSB lead investigator Debbie Hersman.  Debbie now serves as president and chief executive officer of the non-profit National Safety Council.  She talks about a number of safety related topics ranging from impaired driving, texting while walking or driving, alcohol, marijuana, and opioid abuse.

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Recently we told you about a study linking walking with cancer prevention, today's there's evidence that staying active can also help in the fight against type two diabetes.  However, Dr. Gillian Booth with Saint Michael's Hospital in Toronto says there are several things we need to keep in mind.  She talks this week with Dr. Greg Davis.