National Register of Historic Places Designation en Farmhouse Shows Life Of Average Kentuckians <p class="ap-story-p">FRANKFORT, Ky. -- A Franklin County farmhouse that dates back to the 1800s is being considered for a historic designation as an example of how average Kentuckians have lived.</p><p></p><p class="ap-story-p">The State Journal reports the two-story home sits on 53 acres and is built around a two-room log saddlebag house.</p><p class="ap-story-p">The consideration comes after the home was spotted by Janie-Rice Brother, a senior architectural historian for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey, while she was surveying historic farms 2011.</p> Sat, 11 May 2013 15:57:10 +0000 Associated Press 31355 at Farmhouse Shows Life Of Average Kentuckians