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WUKY Open Meeting Policy:

It is WUKY’s policy to fully comply with the requirements of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1934 that meetings of its governing board be open to the public. WUKY’s governing board is the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky. The primary purpose of the Board of Trustees is the operation of the university as a whole. As such, most of the Board’s regular meetings are not subject to the open meetings provisions of the Act. When open meetings as defined by the Act are scheduled, the dates, times, and locations of those meetings will be published here.

WUKY's Financial Statement:

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WUKY Diversity Statement: 

Diversity is integral to the strategic plans of both WUKY and our licensee, the University of Kentucky. We believe diversity should be reflected not only in staffing but also programming. Moreover we take a long-range view of diversity. The demographics of our country and region are changing dramatically. We must anticipate that change and stay ahead of the curve. Where will the next generation of WUKY staff and programs come from? How can we ensure WUKY will reflect the diversity of our community in ten or even twenty years? Thus, in addition to addressing diversity in new staff hires or programming choices made today, we are also actively engaged in training a diverse crew of interns, reaching out to area high schools, and providing technical, programming & editorial support to a proposed new LPFM station that will serve Lexington’s African American & Latino communities.

WUKY has twelve full-time and eight part-time staff members. It is always difficult with a small staff to perfectly mirror a vibrant community of over 300,000 individuals, particularly at a station that has historically low turnover rates. WUKY’s staff generally reflects our community in terms of race, ethnicity, economic status, geography, gender, age, and other diversity criteria. Women comprise one-third of full-time staff. We have one African-American staff member (part-time). We strive to improve our staff’s diversity and hope to move some part-time positions to full-time as funding becomes available.

WUKY is conscious of the importance of programming that reflects diverse voices and issues affecting minorities in our community. In consequence WUKY recently produced two significant civil rights documentaries, undertook production of Key Conversations (a program hosted by and focused on minorities in Lexington), and worked closely with the staff of NPR’s Tell Me More to include prominent Lexingtonians on their daily national broadcasts.

Our diversity program in the past 2-3 years has focused on increasing the quantity and quality of recruiting sources for job applicants, expanding our internship program to include high schools and other area colleges, and collaborating with Lexington’s LPFM station to nurture the next generation of radio broadcasters. WUKY also featured a wide array of diverse voices on our air, showcasing the creative work of UK’s richly diverse faculty and carrying NPR programs like Latino USA. Moreover WUKY sponsored community events celebrating diversity, including the Women Writers Conference, Pride Festival, and Lexington Fairness banquet.

Plans for next year include continuing and expanding the efforts described above, especially as Lexington’s LPFM station begins broadcasting in 2015, and sponsoring new community events like the LexLatino Film Festival. Further, station management has mandated diversity training for all staff, which will be completed during the year. Our efforts to reach diverse audiences with our programming are hampered by the lack of reliable ethnicity data from Arbitron and Media Audit. Further, NPR’s cancellation of Tell Me More has significantly set back our effort to diversify our broadcast schedule.

WUKY’s diversity program and FCC EEO compliance are reviewed annually by the Sanchez Law Firm and UK officials.


Donor List Confidentiality:

It is WUKY’s policy to fully comply with the requirement of the Communications Act of 1934 in maintaining strict confidentiality of our donors’ information.

The following guidelines shall be observed in fulfillment of this policy:

  • WUKY shall not sell, rent, lease, loan, trade, give, donate, transfer, or exchange its membership or donor names to, with, or from any candidate for Federal, State, or local office, political committees, or political parties for any purpose whatsoever, except as otherwise required by law or judicial process;
  • WUKY shall maintain active control of its contributor or donor lists and take all appropriate measures to ensure against unauthorized use of such lists including requiring any third party, including but not limited to list brokers, mail-list management organizations, Friends organizations, fundraising organizations, or advertising or public relations agencies, to abide by these compliance requirements, except as otherwise required by law or judicial process;
  • WUKY shall refrain from disclosing contributor or donor names or other personally identifiable information to any nonaffiliated third party unless, before the time that such information is initially disclosed, the station clearly and conspicuously discloses to contributors and donors that such personal information may be disclosed to a nonaffiliated third party. If such disclosure is not required by law or judicial process, WUKY shall give the contributor or donor the opportunity to direct that such information not be disclosed to a nonaffiliated third party, and give the contributor or donor an explanation of how to exercise that nondisclosure option; and
  • WUKY shall periodically remind contributors or donors of any potential sale, rental, lease, loan, trade, gift, donation, transfer, or exchange of their names and personally identifiable information, and offer a means by which the names and other personally identifiable information may be suppressed upon request’ and suppress the names as requested, except as required by law or judicial process.

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