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WUKY Open Meeting Policy:

It is WUKY’s policy to fully comply with the requirements of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1934 that meetings of its governing board be open to the public. WUKY’s governing board is the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky. The primary purpose of the Board of Trustees is the operation of the university as a whole. As such, most of the Board’s regular meetings are not subject to the open meetings provisions of the Act. When open meetings as defined by the Act are scheduled, the dates, times, and locations of those meetings will be published here.

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WUKY Diversity Statement: 

Diversity and inclusion are integral to the strategic plans of both WUKY and our licensee, the University of Kentucky. We believe diversity should be reflected in both staffing and programming. Moreover we take a long-range view. The demographics of our country and region are changing dramatically. We must anticipate that change and stay ahead of the curve. Where will the next generation of WUKY staff and programs come from? How will we ensure WUKY will reflect the diversity of our community in ten or even twenty years? Thus, in addition to addressing diversity in new staff hires or programming choices made today, we are training a diverse crew of interns, reaching out to area high schools, and providing technical, programming & editorial support Lexington’s two LPFM stations.

WUKY has eleven full-time and eight part-time staff members. It is always difficult with a small staff to perfectly mirror a vibrant community of over 300,000 people, particularly at a station that has historically low turnover rates. Indeed there have been no full-time job openings at the station for over two years. Despite this, WUKY’s staff generally reflects our community in terms of race, ethnicity, economic status, geography, gender, age, and other diversity criteria. Women comprise over one-third of full-time staff, and we have one African-American staff member (part-time).

WUKY understands the importance of programming that reflects diverse voices and issues affecting minorities in our community. Thus WUKY News provided in-depth coverage of the fallout from the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on same sex marriage and the continued defiance of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who, citing religious freedom refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. One WUKY Facebook post on the topic of same-sex marriage reached over 18,000 people, more than six times the number of WUKY Facebook fans. It was our widely read social media post up to that time.

WUKY also provided extensive coverage of the renewed debate over the placement of Confederate monuments across Kentucky in light of the tragic mass shooting at an historically black church in South Carolina. In addition we co-sponsored a public forum on the topic at Lexington’s Carnegie Center. As a result of these activities, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray directed the Urban County Arts Review Board to review the city’s policy on monument placement.

WUKY helped train and assist a team of Dunbar High School students to produce a podcast series devoted to teens, alcohol and drunk driving which subsequently won a national award. We plan to work with them again in 2016-17 on a podcast examining Dunbar’s international students and the stories of their transition to America and our community. We continued to broadcast Key Conversations Radio, a weekly one hour program devoted to minority issues. WUKY also sponsored a wide array of diverse community events from the Pride Festival to the Lex-Latino Film Festival to the Women Writers Conference.

Our efforts to measure the impact of our programming on diverse audiences continues to be hampered by the lack of reliable ethnicity data from Nielsen and Media Audit.

WUKY’s diversity program and FCC EEO compliance are reviewed annually by the Sanchez Law Firm and UK officials.

(updated August 2, 2016)