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Students Learn The Delicate Art Of Sheep Shearing

Apr 19, 2014

After a long, hard winter, sheep are ready to part ways with their wooly winter coats.  Jeff Franklin reports on a special sheep shearing class.

STORYCORPS: Early Skeptic Becomes Ardent Supporter

Apr 17, 2014
Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

It took some convincing, but former vice mayor Mike Scanlon became an important advocate of Lexington's no smoking ordinance.

Kentucky Auto Manufacturing, 21C Update in BizLexChat

Apr 14, 2014

In BizLexChat we get an update on Kentucky's Auto Manufacturing success as well as an update on downtown Lexington's 21C Hotel Project.

A connection between UK and Berea College is about to come full circle as the two institutions work together on a historic project.

STORYCORPS: Local Restaurant Owner Welcomed No-Smoking Ordinance

Apr 10, 2014
Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

As we mark ten years of Lexington's No-Smoking ordinance a local restaurant owner believes he was the first to put in a no-smoking section.

Latest On Rupp, Tracks Gambling On Instant Racing, In BizLexChat

Apr 7, 2014

Last minute state financing options for the Rupp project plus Instant Racing are discussed in this week's BizLexChat.

A Crippling Setback For Rupp Renovation Project?

Mar 31, 2014

In this week's BizLexChat we discuss the short and long-term prospects of the Rupp Arena Renovation project.

Hotel Tax, Local Option, Props To KFC And Emerge 14 On BizLexChat

Mar 24, 2014

We get the latest on the Hotel Tax bill, the Local Option Sales Tax, a milestone for KFC, and an upcoming conference in Lexington.

Josh James / WUKY

A group of cases currently pending in Kentucky appeals court could affect the way libraries in 79 counties have operated for decades.

STORYCORPS: Mayors Take Unpopular Stand For Future Generations

Mar 20, 2014
Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

Former Lexington Mayor Teresa Isaac and Georgetown Mayor Everette Varney recall their sometimes unpopular stances on no-smoking ordinances.