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Economic Impact Of The Kentucky Horse Park This Week On The Business Side

Aug 29, 2016
Samantha Lederman

We all might venture a guess, but just how does one put a dollar value on having the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington?  Alan Lytle discusses this question with Lane Report executive editor Mark Green.

Josh James / WUKY

August 27, 2006 is a date seared into the minds of many Lexingtonians. As part of WUKY's ongoing series marking the 10th anniversary of Comair Flight 5191's ill-fated take-off from Blue Grass Airport, Josh James takes us back to the morning of the crash and the immediate aftermath.

Business Side: National Avenue Expansion To Include Relocated Cosmic Charlie's

Aug 22, 2016
Smiley Pete Publishing

This week on the Business Side Alan Lytle talks with Business Lexington Managing Editor David Nichols about the continued growth of popularity for the National Avenue/Warehouse Block Corridor which will soon feature Cosmic Charlie's music club.

Samantha Lederman

Have you ever wiggled your toes in the sand on that beach vacation and wished it could last forever? For Team Sandtastic life literally is a beach, and this week they brought their craft to the Kentucky Horse Park to build sand sculptures that will be incorporated into the course of the USHJA Hunter Derby Final in the Rolex Arena on Saturday night. Samantha Lederman has more details.

Celebrities, Bourbon And Brand Hoarding This Week On The Business Side

Aug 15, 2016
Associated Press

This week on the Business Side Alan Lytle talks with Justin Thompson, editor in chief of The Bourbon Review about film actor Matthew McConaughey's new multi-year contract with Wild Turkey as the brand's creative director and what that might mean for the bourbon industry.  They also talk about the disturbing trend of secondary marketeers scooping up limited edition bottles of bourbon, much like a ticket scalper, then selling the collectibles for inflated prices.  Is there anything distilleries can do about this?  Should they care?

Samantha Lederman

After successfully auctioning off a breakfast with Zenyatta, the Central Kentucky YMCA recently raised funds again by awarding a lunch at the Woodford County farm and a personal photo session with American Pharoah to the highest bidder.   The winners came all the way from Texas to claim their prize.  Samantha Lederman has their story.

SOAR Banking On Broadband To Transform Eastern Kentucky

Aug 8, 2016
UK Now

This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle and Lane Report Executive Editor Mark Green discuss efforts to bring high speed broadband to Appalachia; a key need identified by the people behind SOAR - Saving Our Appalachian Region.

Business Side: Lexington Housing Market Continuing To Rebound From 2008 Recession

Aug 1, 2016
Business Lexington

This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle and Business Lexington editor David Nichols discuss the overall health and vitality of Lexington's real estate market.

Samantha Lederman

A U.S. Olympic Event Rider is hoping to bring home the gold aboard an unlikely horse, a Kentucky-bred ex-racehorse named Blackfoot Mystery.  Samantha Lederman has their story.

Michael Caudill

Three weeks ago the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation stepped in to rescue the worst of forty horses abandoned and left to starve on a farm in Mercer County.  Those eight were sent to Blackburn Correctional Facility in Lexington, one of nine such institutions across the country participating in a program with the TRF  that pairs inmates with retired racehorses.  Samantha Lederman recently visited Blackburn and she files this report.