WUKY In Depth

WUKY In Depth
8:35 am
Thu June 28, 2012

FEATURE: Car Wash Worker a Bright Light on Richmond Rd

Photo by Brenna Angel

LEXINGTON, Ky. - It’s a job most people wouldn’t want, especially with soaring summer temperatures: holding up an advertisement at a busy intersection. But for one employee of a Lexington car wash, being the “sign guy” is doing more than just drumming up business.

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WUKY In Depth
8:27 am
Mon June 25, 2012

Mondays with the Mayors: Fred Siegelman, Versailles

LEXINGTON, Ky. - This week Versailles Mayor Fred Siegelman discusses the city's plan to privatize garbage pickup. Beginning September 1st, Legacy Carting will take over trash service for about 3,000 customers in Versailles.

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WUKY In Depth
12:18 pm
Wed June 13, 2012

Mondays With The Mayors - Steve Connelly, Berea

Berea Mayor Steve Connelly

On this week's edition of "Mondays With The Mayors" we talk with Berea Mayor Steve Connelly about hammering out the final details of his city's budget, the debate over a Fairness Ordinance, and Berea's answer to Lexington's "Legacy Trail." 

WUKY In Depth
10:35 am
Tue June 12, 2012

Mondays With The Mayors - Russ Meyer, Nicholasville

On this week's edition of "Mondays With The Mayors" we chat with Nicholasville Mayor Russ Meyer about an important ballot initiative that could change the town's form of government, as well as  joint projects his city is working on with Lexington and other communities.

WUKY In Depth
1:00 am
Mon June 4, 2012

Mayor Gray, Other Community Leaders In San Antonio This Week

LEXINGTON, Ky - In our premiere edition of "Mondays With The Mayors" Lexington Mayor Jim Gray discusses this week's Commerce Lexington leadership trip to San Antonio, Texas, working with other Central Kentucky cities, jobs, and the fate of his proposed budget.  Mondays with the Mayors is an exclusive production of WUKY.

WUKY In Depth
1:54 pm
Thu May 31, 2012

In Depth: Detox Pregnancy - Helping Expectant Moms Overcome Drug Addiction

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A recent study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the number of babies born in the U.S. going through opiate withdrawal has tripled over the past ten years. It follows a trend of skyrocketing prescription drug abuse.

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WUKY In Depth
9:13 am
Thu May 3, 2012

In Depth: Congolese Refugee To Earn PHD At UK This Weekend

Congolese Refugee Fraternel Amuri Misako will receive his PHD in Political Science during UK's May Commencement Ceremonies this weekend
UK Public Relations

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Of the thousands of students who will graduate from the University of Kentucky this weekend, some will say they achieved their goals by taking the road less traveled, and others like the guest you’re about to meet can talk about an educational journey most of us can’t even begin to fathom.

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WUKY In Depth
12:35 pm
Wed May 2, 2012

In-Depth: More Non-profits Receiving City Funds Under Proposed Budget

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Lexington’s Urban County Government is in the process of developing a budget for the next fiscal year, and a small portion of city money will go to what are called “partner agencies.”  Brenna Angel reports on a new system officials used this year that’s allowing more non-profit organizations to use the funds.

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WUKY In Depth
2:19 pm
Thu April 26, 2012

In-Depth: Could Town Branch Creek Flow Again Through Lexington?

Town Branch Creek at the Cox Street parking lot - CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS

Underneath the heart of downtown Lexington flows the Town Branch Creek. It’s been buried for more than 100 years, but now community leaders are talking about bringing the water back to the surface as part of the creation of a Rupp Arena, Arts, and Entertainment District.

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WUKY In Depth
5:34 pm
Wed April 18, 2012

CDC Director Speaks In Lexington

Thomas Frieden, CDC Director

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Thomas Frieden was the keynote speaker for the 2012 Keeneland Public Health Services and Systems Research Conference. Frieden spoke on a variety of topics, including tobacco use, teen pregnancy, and measuring the success of prevention programs. 

Hear the whole speech above.