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One month from today, Kentuckians go to the polls to select a new governor and there is little indication that they're all that fired up about it.  Republican Matt Bevin and Democrat Jack Conway have the opportunity to change some hearts and minds during tonight's high profile debate at Centre College.  WUKY spoke with Kentucky Gazette editor and publisher Laura Cullen Glasscock about the race up to this point and whether Independent Drew Curtis could still play the role of spoiler even though he won't be on the dais tonight.

Construction Projects Way Up In Ky. In 2015

Oct 5, 2015

This week on the Business Side we discuss the latest statewide construction numbers with Lane Report executive editor Mark Green.

Kentucky History Center

The Kentucky History Center in Frankfort is holding an event this weekend that combines physical activity with education.  The inaugural history half marathon welcomes runners from across the state and nation to the capital city.  KHS Executive Director Kent Whitworth says the race is part of the center's mission to make history more accessible and relevant.  He recently spoke with WUKY's Alan Lytle.

Business Side: Ky. Auto Industry's Growing Importance To The State Economy

Sep 21, 2015
Kentucky Auto Industry Association

This week on the Business Side Alan Lytle and Lane Report Executive Editor Mark Green discuss the recent Kentucky Automotive Industry Association's first-ever AutoVision Conference.


This week, reporter Chase Cavanaugh interviews Lexington's Vice Mayor. 

Few Surprised, Many Disappointed By Romany Road Kroger Closure

Sep 14, 2015

This week on the Business Side Alan Lytle and Mark Green of the Lane Report talk about the closure of the Kroger grocery store on Romany Road. 


This week, reporter Chase Cavanaugh interviews Richard Moloney, one of the city's three at-large councilmembers.

A Different Kind Of Development To Take Shape Along Midland Avenue

Aug 24, 2015
Community Ventures Corporation

This week on the Business Side we talk with Lane Report managing editor Mark Green about an effort underway to transform a once important corridor of downtown Lexington.  Community Ventures Corporation is tearing down a row of buildings along Midland Avenue.  In its place will go several new mixed use buildings that will include up to one hundred units of affordable housing.


This week, reporter Chase Cavanaugh speaks with a councilwoman who has served over three consecutive terms in the horseshoe. 


In this week's episode, reporter Chase Cavanaugh speaks with a policy specialist from the 10th district.