UK Perspectives

Tom Godell interviews leading faculty, staff and students at the University of Kentucky. Topics range from the fine arts, to cutting edge scientific research, medicine, and sports. New UK President Dr. Eli Capilouto is a regular guest on the program.

Lexington, KY – President Todd interviews Dr. J. J. Jackson, UK's new Vice President for Institutional Diversity and the first person to hold this position in the University's history. She discusses the importance of diversity in an academic setting and her plans to help UK achieve its goals in this vital area.

Lexington, KY – Dr. Todd speaks with UK's new baseball coach Gary Henderson about his goals and aspirations for the coming season.

Lexington, KY – Hear a song performed in the language of Shughni.

Lexington, KY – Hear a song performed in the language of Shughni.

Lexington, KY – With only about 60,000 speakers left in the world, the language known as "Shughni" is considered endangered. But, as WUKY general manager Tom Godell reports, some at the University of Kentucky are working to save the little-known Language.

Lexington, KY – A Shughni poem entitled "Mother Tongue" (with translation).

Lexington, KY – Hear a recitation of a Shughni love poem (with translation).

Lexington, KY – WUKY general manager Tom Godell speaks with members of UK's linguistics program, as well as three native Shughni speakers, about their efforts to understand a little known language.

Lexington, KY – UK Entomology Professor Stephen Dobson recently received a $5.3M grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reduce the mosquito population. He discusses this project with UK President Lee Todd.

Lexington, KY – Dr. Todd interviews Corinne Keel, only the 13th student in UK history to be awarded the distinguished Truman Scholarship.