UK Perspectives

UK Perspectives
10:34 am
Tue July 13, 2010

Reducing Diesel Emissions

Lexington, KY – Reducing diesel emissions is the subject of a research project led by UK doctoral student Vence Easterling in partnership with the Department of Energy, Ford, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. He discusses the project with UK President Lee Todd.

UK Perspectives
10:19 am
Tue July 6, 2010

Off Campus Student Services

Lexington, KY – This week Dr. Todd interviews Tony Blanton, the director of UK's new Office of Off Campus Student Services.

UK Perspectives
1:01 pm
Tue June 29, 2010

Bringing It Home

Lexington, KY – Dr. Todd discusses UK Theater's Veterans Project, "Bringing It Home", with Herman Farrell from the theater department, Doug Boyd of UK Libraries, Tony Dotson with UK's Veterans Center, and UK alum Tyler Gayheart.

UK Perspectives
10:29 am
Tue June 22, 2010

Energy Efficient Housing Project

Lexington, KY – This week Dr. Todd discusses a UK-based project to produce affordable, energy-efficient housing with Dean Michael Speaks of the university's College of Design.

UK Perspectives
3:08 pm
Tue June 15, 2010

National Digital Newspaper Program

Lexington, KY – Dr. Todd discusses the university's unique contributions to the National Digital Newspaper Program with Mary Molinaro of UK Libraries Preservation and Digital Programs.

UK Perspectives
10:15 am
Wed June 9, 2010

A Trip to Guatemala

Lexington, KY – This week Dr. Todd speaks with Jennifer Grisham-Brown of UK's College of Education and UK student Jen Stopher about their recent and exceptionally eventful trip to Guatemala.

UK Perspectives
10:08 am
Tue May 11, 2010

Lesley Mann, Gates Cambridge Scholar

Lexington, KY – Dr. Todd's guest this week is Lesley Mann, a recent UK grad and one of only 29 Gates Cambridge Scholars in the U.S.

UK Perspectives
10:10 am
Mon May 3, 2010

National Trumpet Competition

Lexington, KY – UK made it to the final four this year in the National Trumpet Competition. Professor Mark Clodfelter of the UK School of Music joins Dr. Todd to discuss the competition.

UK Perspectives
10:35 am
Tue April 27, 2010

Re-Accreditation at UK

Lexington, KY – UK Professors Diana Snow and Deanna Sellnow discuss the re-accreditation process that is currently underway at the university.

UK Perspectives
12:57 pm
Mon April 19, 2010

UK Medical School 50th Anniversary

Lexington, KY – This week, Dr. Todd discusses the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the UK Medical school with Dean Jay Perman.