The NPR Politics team and reporters across the newsroom will be live-annotating a news conference with President-elect Donald Trump, expected at 11 am ET/8am PT on Wednesday. We will be fact-checking and providing background to his remarks in real-time. We will be paying special attention to any comments about conflicts of interest, health care and national security.

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The NPR Politics team and reporters across the newsroom will be live-annotating President Obama's farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday night, scheduled to begin at 9 pm ET/6pm ET. The team will be adding fact-checks and background to Obama's comments as he gives them. We'll be watching in particular for remarks on his legacy, national security, health care and foreign policy, among other topics.

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WUKY Events 2016 (Quick List)

Feb 19, 2016

Phoenix Friday   Friday August 19 5PM Phoenix Park

Woodland Park Art Fair  Saturday & Sunday August 20 (10-6)  & 21 (10-5) Woodland Park

Jefferson St. Soire Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 6 to 10pm.

Phoenix Friday   Friday September 16  5PM Phoenix Park

KY Historical Society Half Marathon in Frankfort  Saturday September 24th

'A Christmas Carol' WUKY Style

Dec 23, 2015

For your holiday entertainment, WUKY presents 'A Christmas Drive Carol' starring the WUKY Players.

This Kentucky Adventure Is Illuminating

Dec 23, 2015
karyn czar/wuky

Thousands of cars have wound their way through the Kentucky Horse Park to see the 22nd annual Southern Lights display and the colors will keep glowing until New Year's Eve.