Russ Meyer

Report: Road Project Retaliation By Bevin Can't Be Proved

Jan 27, 2017
Josh James / WUKY

A report written by an attorney for a special House committee says the panel couldn't prove that Gov. Matt Bevin stopped a road project in retaliation against a Democratic lawmaker who rejected the governor's request to become Republican.

Josh James / WUKY

State House Speaker Greg Stumbo has appointed a five-member committee to dig deeper into accusations that Gov. Matt Bevin made threats and retaliated against Democrats in the chamber, charges the administration has categorically denied.

Bevin Voicemail Warns Of 'Impact' Of Not Switching Parties

Aug 30, 2016
Associated Press

Democratic Kentucky state Rep. Russ Meyer says Republican Gov. Matt Bevin left him a threatening voicemail after Meyer declined to switch political parties ahead of the legislative session.