Robert Stivers

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Republican Senate President Robert Stivers says he wants to review the infrastructure of Kentucky's seven river ports.

Kentucky’s legislative leaders are in rare agreement on President Obama’s plan to curb carbon emissions.

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A measure trimming the length of legislative sessions in Kentucky passed the state Senate Wednesday with bipartisan support.

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A bill that would shorten legislative sessions cleared a Kentucky Senate committee Wednesday.

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A statement made by State Senate President Robert Stivers on the Senate floor Thursday kicked off more than an hour of debate about health reform.

Senate Republicans are pressing for a constitutional amendment that would limit the governor’s ability to issue administrative regulations.

FRANKFORT, Ky.-- Senate Republicans selected a mountain politician to be their top leader on Tuesday in a move that ensures Kentucky's Appalachian region remains well-represented in the Legislature.

Robert Stivers of Manchester was chosen to become Senate president during a closed caucus in Frankfort. He will replace former Burkesville lawmaker David Williams, who resigned to accept a judicial position in southern Kentucky.