Rand Paul

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Kentucky politicians are gearing up for a round of verbal jousting at the state’s annual Fancy Farm picnic.

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Politicians were lining up this week tout a $14 million federal grant for Lexington’s Town Branch Trail project, but they don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on who deserves the credit.

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U.S. Senate candidates Jim Gray and Rand Paul are offering two different approaches to fixing Medicare. The divide was evident Friday during a Gray roundtable at a senior living community in Lexington.

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In a rare show of bipartisan cooperation, Congress approved a sweeping federal overhaul of chemical safety laws this week. But one lawmaker not cheering is Kentucky’s junior senator, Rand Paul.


Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says his Senate campaign has raised $1.75 million in the first quarter.


Kentucky Republicans will now attend a presidential caucus without the intended guest of honor - Sen. Rand Paul.


Pinning his chances on a solid ground game and a reservoir of untapped young voters missed by major polls, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul hoped to make a surprisingly strong showing in Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, but the final tallies left the libertarian favorite trailing the frontrunners by a wide margin.

Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul took to Twitter once again Wednesday for a round of Festivus-inspired tweets aimed at his rivals in the presidential race.


Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul is predicting his showing in the early GOP presidential primaries will “shock people.” During a CNN interview Sunday the libertarian-inclined Republican brushed off suggestions that his campaign is on life support.


Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s performance at Tuesday night’s GOP debate played to mixed reviews. The libertarian-leaning Republican called out a number of his rivals on immigration and foreign policy, but failed to gain much traction.