prescription drug abuse

Walgreens locations in Kentucky and Indiana will soon be outfitted with time delay safes, but they won’t be protecting money.

Kentucky’s maternal and child health leaders are banding together to address the growing problem of neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Important developments in an effort to shut down the so-called pill pipeline between Kentucky and other southern states.

Following a years-long, multi-agency investigation, Pike County osteopathic physician Thad Manning has pleaded guilty to relabeling sample drugs.

A powerful new painkiller that hit the shelves last week is drawing fire across the country, but criticism is particularly vocal in Kentucky.

A Louisville company has created a secure pill dispenser with the aim of combating prescription drug abuse.

Attorney General Jack Conway announced bipartisan legislation Thursday aimed at curbing the rise of heroin in the state.

An Eastern Kentucky pharmacy owner and his wife will do time in Federal Prison and forfeit property and funds gained by filling illegal prescriptions.

A report released Monday places the Commonwealth third in the nation in prescription drug overdose deaths, just below New Mexico and West Virginia.

A new study has found a dramatic drop in the number of teens abusing prescription drugs.