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The commonwealth's already-limping pension system has slipped further into the red. Thursday, the Kentucky Retirement System’s official debt grew by several billion dollars.

6 State Lawmakers Owed More Than $100k In Pension Benefits

Jan 13, 2017
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Kentucky taxpayers owe six state lawmakers well over $100,000 year in retirement benefits.

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Credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s has downgraded its outlook for Kentucky, signaling another possible drop in the state’s credit rating.

Officials are promising the “most exhaustive review ever conducted” of Kentucky’s debt-ridden pension system. Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has announced the selection of a new consulting group tasked with examining the system’s finances in detail.

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Kentucky Public Retirees raised their voices in the Capitol Rotunda the day after Gov. Matt Bevin unveiled his strategy for keeping the state's pension systems solvent.

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Officials with Kentucky's two major pension systems are sounding the alarm on spiraling unfunded liabilities at an annual business summit in Louisville.


Kentucky’s economic forecast is improving, according to Gov. Steve Beshear. Today, state’s top official announced a decision to funnel $82 million in surplus dollars into Kentucky’s “rainy day fund," bumping the grand total to just over $209 million.

Senate OKs Change To Legislative Pension Provision

Jan 23, 2014

The Kentucky Senate has voted to rein in a state law that allows legislative pensions to be "supersized."

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Teacher pensions across the country are severely underfunded, inflexible, and unfair to employers and employees, according to a new report out Thursday.