Lauding Music Education

Jun 23, 2008

Lexington, KY – Commentator Scott Winkler is back with another essay. This one is on kids and the importance of music education.

Lexington, KY – Following Tuesday night's presidential primary in Kentucky, bluegrass state democrats have stated loudly and clearly their support for Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama's Tuesday night victory across the country in Oregon, however, has put the Illinois senator in the driver's seat in the final weeks of the primary season.

"He's obviously the odds-on favorite, but there are more primaries," said WUKY political reporter Ken Kurtz.

Lexington, KY – In an atmosphere of budget cuts, and unfunded mandates, commentator Sylvia Lovely says we shortchange our future when we fail to adequately fund education.

Lexington, KY – As another Martin Luther King Holiday approaches, commentator Scott Winkler shares his thoughts on racism that still exists.

Lexington, KY – Commentator Georgia Green Stamper shares some thoughts on class reunions.

Lexington, KY – Georgia Green Stamper tells a Valentine's Day story in this commentary.