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Lexington, KY – An actual story from the July 18, 1848 edition from the Jackson Republican reveals how far the courtship ritual has come.

Lexington, KY – An interesting want-ad for a woman to sell unmentionables from the July 11, 1913 edition of the Mountain Advocate.

Lexington, KY – The Bluegrass Blade was always of bastion of unconventional thought. Here's an actual headline from the June 27, 1909 edition.

Lexington, KY – You've Heard Of Slow News Days, Right? Imagine Having To Fill Up Space In A Small Town Newspaper More Than A Century Ago. Here Are Actual Items Printed In The June 20, 1900 Issue of the Breckenridge News.

June 6, 1900

Jun 9, 2011

Lexington, KY – Random interesting jottings from the June 6, 1900 edition of the Adair County News.

Lexington, KY – An actual headline from the May 30, 1906 edition of the Springfield Sun.

Lexington, KY – As This Headline from May 23, 1914 attests, immigration in the U-S is certainly not a new issue.

Cars Are Taking Over

May 19, 2011

Lexington, KY – My Old Kentucky News takes us back to 1919 with a tale of the demise of the horse and buggy.

A Whirlwind Courtship?

May 10, 2011

Lexington, KY – My Old Kentucky News from the Maysville Evening Bulletin; May 9, 1904.

Lexington, KY – An actual headline from Spout Springs, May 2, 1896 detailing the importance of facial hair in contemporary society of the times.