NSA Surveillance

Huffington Post

Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are reacting to the set of modest changes to the NSA proposed by President Barack Obama Friday.

WASHINGTON -- A rift over national security is developing in the early stages of the Republican Party's next presidential campaign, pitting libertarians who question government overreach against defenders of a more hawkish approach on national security formed after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Paul Introduces Bill On NSA Surveillance

Jun 7, 2013

WASHINGTON -- Senator Rand Paul has introduced legislation that would require a warrant before any government agency could search the phone records of Americans.

Responding to the furor over the disclosure of the National Security Agency program, Paul says the bill introduced Friday is intended to stop the NSA from spying on U.S. citizens.

The bill says the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution cannot be misconstrued to allow an unreasonable search and seizure by any agency without a warrant based on probable cause.