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There will be a greater police presence at Henry Clay High School today. Yesterday a student was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to school. He told Principal Paul Little Jr it was for his own protection in his neighborhood and he never planned on hurting anyone at school. Little said he believed the student but there is a zero tolerance policy for bringing firearms on campus. Then a threat against the school on social media began to circulate.

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A Kentucky appeals court said Thursday that a judge presiding over a school shooting case was wrong to close the suspect's criminal arraignment to the public.  In a separate ruling this week, the state's chief justice denied a motion from prosecutors seeking to remove the same judge from the case.

Kentucky House Votes To Tax Opioids To Close Budget Gap

Mar 1, 2018
Josh James / WUKY

The Kentucky House of Representatives has voted to tax prescription opioids in an effort to close its budget gap and curb the flow of addictive drugs into the state.

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A month after a school shooting killed two teenagers and injured more than a dozen others in his state, Kentucky's Republican governor says the state should consider allowing some people to carry guns in public schools.

Kentucky Could Tax Opioids To Close Budget Gap

Feb 28, 2018
Patrick Sison / Associated Press

Kentucky has one of the highest opioid drug overdose death rates in the country. Now legislative leaders say it could become the first state to tax opioid prescription painkillers to help pay for public schools.

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The first hearing on a pension reform bill in Frankfort drew a hostile response from teachers and other state employees Wednesday.

Review But No Committee Vote On Pension Overhaul

Feb 28, 2018
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Retired teachers and other opponents of legislation to overhaul Kentucky's public pension systems have flocked to the state Capitol complex to voice their opposition.  The measure received its first committee hearing Wednesday, but no vote was taken.

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Kentucky's attorney general says a public pension overhaul proposed by Republican lawmakers would not withstand court challenges likely to follow if the measure becomes law.  Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear weighed in on one of the legislative session's defining issues shortly before a Senate committee was scheduled to review the pension bill.

Bill Allowing Higher Sales At Craft Breweries Advances

Feb 27, 2018

Kentucky's craft brewers are taking a glass-is-half-full attitude toward a bill allowing them to sell more of their beer at their own establishments. They like the proposed higher sales limits, but don't like that it still imposes a cap on per-customer purchases.  A Senate leader wanted to give microbrewers the full glass, but backed off his proposal.

Bipartisan Bill Would Boost Kentucky's Gas Tax By 10 Cents

Feb 27, 2018

Drivers in Kentucky could pay an extra 10 cents per gallon at the pump while owners of hybrid and electric cars might hand over fees up to $150 per year as part of a bipartisan proposal designed to jump-start the state's stagnant road fund.