Local/Regional News

Lexington, KY – This month marks the start of the a busy highway construction season in Kentucky. As Kathleen Adams reports, drivers throughout the Commonwealth need to be prepared for stopped or slowed traffic and lane closures.

Lexington, KY – Several Eastern Kentucky counties are still cleaning up after weekend storms dumped floodwaters in the area. Kathleen Adams reports, in Pikeville, a major roadway was washed away.

Lexington, KY – Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry is calling for a review of the city's emergency plans following Monday's shootings at Virginia Tech. Josh James has details.

Lexington, KY – A specialist in diversity training says the shift toward multiculturalism in the United States should make educators think twice about how they relate to foreign students. Josh James explains.

Lexington, KY – Tax filers hoping to mail their returns at the last possible minute have until midnight on Tuesday to do so. And as Kathleen Adams reports two branches of the Lexington post office will welcome prcrastinators.

Lexington, KY – Incoming University of Kentucky Head Basketball Coach Billy Gillispie named two assistant coaches Monday. Josh James has details.

Lexington, KY – Thousands of cities across the nation will hold rallies this weekend aimed at pressuring congress to do something about global warming. As Kathleen Adams reports Lexington and Louisville are among the Kentucky cities participating in the event.

Lexington, KY – The Kentucky Public Service Commission is launching a new ad campaign to stress excavation safety.

Lexington, KY – The rising cost of a college education is worrying to many middle-income families and Kathleen Adams reports, some Kentuckians are missing out on tax credits that could offset the price of higher education.

Lexington, KY – The University of Kentucky is now looking for a new women's basketball coach after the sudden resignation of Mickie DeMoss. Alan Lytle has details.