Local/Regional News

Lexington, KY – His route-going performance helped Kentucky all but shut down archrival Louisville last week.

Bowling Green, KY – The man serving a life sentence for killing three classmates in a 1997 Paducah school shooting is asking for, in essence, a "do-over". Michael Carneal wants the Kentucky Supreme Court to grant him a new competency hearing and trial. Lisa Autry reports.

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky ended last fiscal year with a small budget surplus, but only after state revenue estimates were revised downward. And as Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh reports, current revenue growth isn't showing much improvement.

Lexington, KY – Two years ago, ComAir Flight 5191 crashed while attempting to take off from Lexington's Bluegrass Airport. Forty-nine people were killed, and the lives of their families and friends were altered forever. A memorial service was held Wednesday evening. Roger Chesser has more.

Frankfort, KY – Final cost projections for the Louisville Arena project have been presented to the Kentucky General Assembly's Appropriations and Revenue committee. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh has the story.

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky lawmakers studying state pension systems want to know more about the kind of money the systems are losing to bad investments. We get more from Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh.

Louisville, KY – Attendance at this year's Kentucky State Fair was down by about three thousand

from last year. Rick Howlett reports.

Denver, CO – Last night at the Democratic National Convention Senator Hillary Clinton threw her full support behind Barack Obama. The Kentucky delegation praises her for her effort to consolidate the party behind her former rival. Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports from Denver.

Pulaski County, KY – Kentucky's new law allowing early release for some non-violent inmates goes before a circuit court judge today. Lisa Autry has more.

Lexington, KY – A recent joint tour of Richmond's Bluegrass Army Depot by Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democrat Congressman Ben Chandler, did raise few eyebrows around Central Kentucky. But, as commentator Scott Winkler points out, destruction of the deadly chemical weapons being stored there should be the highest priority. Scott Winkler is a member of the Fayette Equity Council, and pastor of the Old Union Christian Church in Lexington.