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Louisville, KY – University of Louisville Men's Basketball Coach Rick Pitino has apologized for his "indiscretion" of having sex with a woman who later was charged with trying to extort him, and vows to continue coaching the Cardinals as long as the school will allow. Rick Howlett reports.

Louisville, KY – The Courier-Journal published details of a July police interview with Pitino in which he

acknowledged having a sexual encounter six years ago with Karen Cunagin, now Karen

Sypher, at a Louisville restaurant. Pitino also denied her allegation of rape; prosecutors

last month declined to bring charges against him.

According to the report, Pitino also gave the woman three thousand dollars after she told

Frankfort, KY – The Consensus Forecasting Group now projects state revenue collections this fiscal year will be 82-million dollars less than predicted in May. Group Chairman Larry Lynch says the national economy may be showing signs of recovery, but that's not necessarily the case in Kentucky. "Kentucky is lagging behind the nation in coming out of the recession - assuming that the nation - you know, this could be false signals that the nation is leveling off. You know, things could get worse."

Frankfort, KY – On June 30th, the state ended fiscal 2009 with a balanced budget, but tax collections for July, the first month of fiscal 2010, were down four percent. Road fund revenues were off eight percent. Gov. Beshear was not surprised at the declines. "They were expected, but it just re-emphasizes the serious financial situation that our commonwealth and our country is still in. We are far from being out of woods."

Frankfort, KY – "With much regret, today I accept the resignation of my friend, Joe Prather, as secretary of the Transportation Cabinet."

Gov. Beshear says Secretary Prather, who's nearly 70, just wants to spend more time with his wife Jennie, their children and grandchildren. Beshear says Prather never intended to remain in the administration for the governor's complete tenure. "He simply has nothing else to prove. And with that, I couldn't agree more."

Frankfort, KY – On June 30th, the state ended fiscal 2009 with a balanced budget, but in July, revenue receipts for the first month of fiscal 2010 were off four percent. Road fund receipts for July were down eight percent.

It's not a good sign, but there's still time to recover. General Fund receipts can fall one-point-three percent for the remainder of the fiscal year and still meet the official revenue estimate.

Louisville, KY – A number of opponents to the President's health care proposal have spoken out to their respective congressional representatives at town hall meetings in recent days.

Some Louisvillians who gathered outside the federal building are concerned no town hall meeting has been set for the Third Congressional District. Jennifer Decker says she wants a chance to speak to Congressman John Yarmuth.

Lexington, KY – Since the tragic deaths of Barbaro and Eight Belles, Jim Squires has been an outspoken advocate for reform of the thoroughbred industry. His new book is titled "Headless Horseman; A Tale of Chemical Colts, Sub-Prime Sales Agents, And the Last KY Derby On Steroids".

Frankfort, KY – This week Kentucky's new Commissioner of Education started checking off what promises to be a very extensive to-do list. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh reports on Terry Holliday's first working day in the commonwealth.