Lexington Smoking Ban

Josh James / WUKY

Today, Lexington’s decade-old smoking ban is enforced by a handful of health department inspectors, but it took years for the regulation to take hold.

Josh James / WUKY

While advocates have much to cheer about 10 years on from the smoking ban, WUKY revisits some of the voices who spoke out against the law.

STORYCORPS: Health Educators Take On Tobacco Culture In Bourbon County

Apr 24, 2014
Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

This week we hear from two health educators who faced long odds in enacting smoke-free policies in Bourbon County.

STORYCORPS: Mayors Take Unpopular Stand For Future Generations

Mar 20, 2014
Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

Former Lexington Mayor Teresa Isaac and Georgetown Mayor Everette Varney recall their sometimes unpopular stances on no-smoking ordinances.

Statewide anti-smoking legislation is dead in the state House and, according to Sen. Julie Denton, the Senate companion measure is “on life support.”